Amelia Cabinet Co. is a manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry. Each piece is proudly hand crafted in the USA and designed to service your unique lifestyle. No matter your taste, classic to contemporary, Amelia transforms your visions into sensational realities.



Amelia: our hero, daughter, sister, & patient of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, has taught us the importance of giving back to those who are in need, which is why we are proud to donate a percentage of every furniture sale to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, to be of benefit to the extraordinary patients in the hematology & oncology department.

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

David Vincenzi Senior began branding his own line of cabinetry named after his youngest daughter in 2006. Thereafter, son Dave S. Vincenzi formed the Amelia Cabinet Company, which takes pride in being a manufacturer of quality custom cabinetry produced in the USA, with many materials coming locally from around Connecticut. Dave is a graduate from the highly regarded design school, RIT, with a degree in industrial design. His philosophy is “built on tradition, designed for the tomorrows”, in today’s society where most products are not built to last both physically & visually, the Amelia Cabinet Company manufactures furniture that is designed endure trends & everyday usage. We acknowledge the importance of possessing a sustainable vision which has helped lead to a line of wooden toys created from once discarded scrap wood, turning them in to cherished treasures.



As the word suggests, Amelia is a manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry designed to be appreciated & fabricated to last. Specializing in framed, inset & overlay cabinetry. Custom pieces of furniture are made for your unique floor plans & wildest dreams. With the ability to work within half inch increments there is no settling, or compromising design. Custom also means the ability to incorporate materials that are not understood as standard within the woodworking industry.


Amelia Cabinet Co. does not use formaldehyde or particle board in any standard cabinet construction.


The Amelia Cabinet Company has a highly qualified in-house design team which has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to creating both beauty and function. Living spaces should be designed to encourage the activities that are intended to take place within them, not prohibit them. Finding a harmonic balance between form and function leads to a successful design and allows for the implementation of elements unique to the user’s needs. The ability to design not only what takes place within homes but exterior and structural elements too is the essence of custom and allows for unique, virtually limitless design. Once the design and styling has been validated, the artisans at the Amelia Cabinet Company will translate your dreams into stunning realities. There’s more to it than supplying furniture, it’s about transforming your home to a hub for gatherings or an area of peace and serenity.



Though we have the ability to work with virtually any wood species, some species that we work with and accompanying descriptions are as follows:


A straight grained wood species with a uniform color extending from light tan to burnt sienna. Takes stain well and darkens as it ages. Easy to distress, availability to choose wood with higher concentration of knots and character marks. Alder can be stained to resemble Cherry.


Straight, or slightly wavy, close grained, or slightly wavy with even texture. Heartwood tends to be a light reddish brown with nearly white sapwood. It can be stained to resemble mahogany or walnut.


A uniquely textured hardwood, distinguishable in appearance with a warm pink hue. Cherry may contain natural features such as pits and mineral stains. As cherry ages it acquires a rich patina as it darkens & warms over time, with the sap wood presenting a pale yellowish hue. The ability to choose pieces with higher concentrations of mineral stains, knots, and other unique cherry characteristics is an option & popular when achieving a distressed style.


Strong and durable, this hardwood has a very subtle grain to it making it an excellent choice & standard at the Amelia Cabinet Company when it comes to painted cabinetry. The species tends to have a light creamy tan color to it. It is a more dense wood possessing the occasional mineral stains, birds-eye, and fiddle back. There are variations of this specie available possessing more grain pattern qualities than others.


A more aggressive long grained hardwood species is light brown in appearance with hints of pink hues. Grain tends to be open with long visible rays. There are several different species of oak grown within the US.


A straight grained, soft wood which has a white or pale yellow appearance to it. Visible often large knots can be seen in this species and used to achieve a particular traditional cabin feel.


Highly desired, this fine grained hardwood presents its self from a dark tan to a deep brown, with creamy white sapwood. Walnut is typically a straight grained species and darkens over time. European walnut is lighter in color and slightly finer in texture than American black walnut.

Reclamation Lumber

The use of reclamation lumber is an option at the Amelia Cabinet Company. The reuse of beautiful sometimes century old lumber, creates a stunning and unique finished product.

We also have the ability to finish each product in a number of ways, including:


The Amelia Cabinet Co. possess a sustainable environmental company vision which has helped shape the nature of the company and the processes by which the furniture is manufactured without sacrificing quality and durability. Switching from chemically induced catalyzed paints to a more natural waterborne paint system is just one example. The ability to match any Benjamin Moore paint color allows for endless possibilities.



Several different stain options are available. This largely depends on the species of wood chosen and the aesthetic desired as every stain possesses a particular percent opacity to which the grain can be read and understood or remain concealed.



A technique that is used to whiten wood. Typically the grain of the wood is raised then rubbed with the pickling or whiting stain. Tends to highlight the woods natural beauty and can be used in combination with painted finishes to give an antique feel to the furniture.



Quite the opposite to pickling, glazing is the technique used to darken the overall appearance. Similar in process to pickling, the wood is rubbed with a glazing or blackened stain. Can be used to darken the woods pores or give the furniture an antique feel.



A common technique for giving furniture a weathered aesthetic. There are many different possibilities to successfully achieve this technique. Commonly seen to achieve a classical furniture taste is a black paint with a caramel sand-through as it highlights edges and surfaces.



Style used to create pieces of furniture appear much older than they actually are. The artisans at Amelia Cabinet Co. have developed a process for creating rustic one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. Cherry is often the species of choice when it comes to natural distressing although this processes is also common with other painted and stained species of wood too. This finish may also be combined with other popular techniques. There are three main levels of distressing available.